Motorised blinds

Motorisation: What is it?

Horizontal motorised blindWired, radio, battery or solar sensor powered

The difference between wired control and radio control is simple: in a wired system, the control is directly connected to the motor by means of electrical cables which transmit the orders to it. The electrical power supply box can be incorporated into the motor or even externally, fixed to the wall near the motor.

In a radio controlled system, the orders are transmitted by radio waves. There are no electrical cables between the motor and the control. It uses a remote control (or transmitter). The installation is faster and avoids performing masonry work.

In a system with batteries, the power supply is achieved by cells or batteries arranged inside a tube or next to the mechanism of the blind. These cells have a variable life depending on the frequency of use and can be changed very easily.

In the photovoltaic cell system, the power supply to the motor is achieved by solar energy converted into electricity by a system of sensors. The installation and connection are easy because there is no trench to provide nor electrical connection. You set the angle of orientation of the solar panel yourself for optimal recovery of the energy depending on the exposure and the configuration of your installation. The speed and power characteristics are strictly identical for traditional and solar power.

The battery life allows operation for 1 month without sunshine.

The + of motorisation:

  • One smooth and easy manoeuvre, avoiding hanging cords and string;
    with one pulse your blind extends or folds, perfectly prepared and aligned,
  • Ideal for large windows, the blinds at height or difficult to access,
  • Tailored solution to meet any installation need,

The + of radio control:

  • Avoids the expense and inconvenience associated with masonry work or the application of unsightly discharge spouts for the passage of the control cables,
  • Makes installation much easier and more economical,
  • A scalable system that allows you to centralise your different equipment by individual, grouped or centralised, control,
  • Just as well suited to renovations as it is to new constructions, motorisation allows you to create an automated, coordinated installation, whether it is for housing, offices, a hotel or a community,
  • An automation system that allows you to increase the real value of your home with products designed with a view to improving comfort,
  • Flexibility and ease of use: schedule the lowering of your blinds for the hottest hours, or once the temperature is high… Coolness is preserved and it is more economical than air-conditioning!
  • Make savings without even thinking about it, thanks to a solar power,