The greenhouse effect in a conservatory

The large glass surfaces that the conservatories and the bay windows offer are a delight at first glance... But many owners realise quickly that this relaxing space can become unusable because of an unbearable room temperature in the height of summer.

How does the greenhouse effect occur within a conservatory or a bay window?

As the rays of the sun pass through the walls of a conservatory or a bay window, the materials absorb them and convert them into heat ... A heat which cannot escape because of its presence in an enclosed space.

Trapped, it stagnates in the space, creating a suffocating and hardly bearable atmosphere.

Reflex'sol helps suppress the greenhouse effect in a conservatory or behind a bay window

Thanks to the high-performance insulators and reflective solutions, Reflex'sol provides shades which enable us to effectively combat the greenhouse effect within the conservatories. You can consult all of our shades and their characteristics by clicking here.

Better yet: our shades also protect from the cold, allowing home owners to take advantage of their conservatory throughout the year (see our RT 2012 page to learn more).

Do not hesitate to consult the documents below to observe the certified performances of our shades :

Shades just as effective as they are decorative

Enjoying a conservatory is also about enjoying a pleasant décor. The performance of our shades is a priority, but we do not forget about their decorative aspect ! To prove this to you, we invite you to look at some of our creations.

Would you like more information on the subject?

We have a PDF document available for you to understand the technical principle of the greenhouse effect that you can consult on-line.