The thermal regulations of 2012

The environment summit of 2007 began the French ecological transition thanks to the Thermal Regulations - RT 2012. What do they impose and how does Reflex'sol contribute to meeting its requirements?

What RT 2012 imposes

The RT 2012 thermal regulations impose three requirements in particular. The first is theenergy efficiency of the construction, with the use of low-energy consumption components in the design.

The second is a maximum conventional consumption of energy regarding the equipment.

The last requirement concerns summertime comfort in non air-conditioned buildings.

How does Reflex'sol help to meet its demands?

Thanks to the solar reflection of its shades with metallised face, the Reflex'sol blinds reflect the sun's rays so that they do not heat up the conservatories. As a result, the greenhouse effect is avoided and allows these interiors to be enjoyed, even in full summer. In addition, fully insulated even against the cold, the shades also allow theimproved internal comfort in winter.

Thus, Reflex'sol contributes, through the technical specifications of its products, to reducing the use of heat in winter - and the use of air conditioning in summer.

Proven effectiveness!

See the documents below for a better understanding of the performance of our solutions: