Horizontal blinds

OASIS® & TRISOLIS® Bateau blinds between spans

Bateau sun blinds between spans bring elegance and clean lines to the conservatory.

Sun blinds in rectangle, triangle or trapezium* style between spans, highlighting the refinement of the textile and providing solar protection of wooden or aluminium conservatories with tubular rafters.

The modules are independent of each other allowing for full control of the light.

The blinds slide into the sub-face of the transparent wall. They fold in accordion style.

The shade is supported by regularly spaced stiffeners which slide under the cables stretched parallel to the rafters. Mechanism adapted to the conservatories, with a small footprint.

Each blind can be stopped in the desired position and is controlled by a curtain rod or an electric motor.

* Except for the Trisolis, no cutting.

Max. width = 1200 mm
Max. deployed = 5000 mm
Storage height = 200 mm to 220 mm
Storage thickness = ±6 to 12 % of deployed

The compatible shades

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