Roller blinds

VERTIGO® roller blind

A functional, unobtrusive and small footprint blind.

Vertical roller blind, the Vertigo is intended to equip all windows, skylights and bay windows exposed to sunlight.

It measures out the light, preserves privacy and blends in to all décors. The Vertigo decorates all parts of the house: from the conservatory to the living room, from the bedrooms to the kitchen.

For more discretion, the high part of the blind can be integrated in a thermo-lacquered box. The Vertigo is fixed between walls, to the ceiling, or on a vertical wall.

It is manoeuvred by chain or by motor (radio control optional).

Max. width 676 = 1800 mm
Max. width 454/555 = 2400 mm
Max. height 676/454 = 3000 mm
Max. height 555 = 2400 mm

Consult the exact dimensional limits depending on the shades on the purchase order.

The compatible shades

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