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Shade 676

The 676 shade is a solar protection shade intended for conservatories and bay windows heavily exposed to sunlight. The mirror side sends the solar radiation back outside without absorb it while the other side, decorative, is plain or patterned.

Shade 676


Rate of solar reflection: 85%.
Width: 1800 mm.
Weight: 115 g/m².
Thickness: 0.36 mm.


Shade 676, the result of spatial research, is made up of ribbons of metallised Mylar inserted in a mesh of woven polyester wires. The metallised face is protected against corrosion, abrasion and insects.


Shade 676 is intended for the manufacture of REFLEX'SOL® solar protection blinds (horizontal, vertical, roller and Californian sun blinds). Blinds intended for the interiors of conservatories, bay windows, sky lights... all surfaces exposed to the sun, without forgetting offices and computer premises, where excess light is particularly annoying.


Remarkable protection against excess heat, shade 676 finally allows full enjoyment of the conservatory, even facing south.
• Lets a soft, non-glaring light filter in.
• The decorative face ensures harmony with all styles: a wide range of exclusive patterns and colours, selected by the best stylists, is proposed.

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