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555 shade

The 555 shade is an innovative concept intended to provide solar protection for windows, bay windows, conservatories and glass walls in public access buildings.

555 shade


Rate of solar reflection: 74 to 76%.
Solar transmission: 5% to 6%.
Opening factor: 4%.
Width: 2400 mm.
Weight: 400 g/m2.
Thickness: 0.5 mm.
Classification: M1.


The 555 shade is a metallic screen dramatically improving the thermal performance of a classic screen. A screen is composed of a PVC coated glass wire.
Shade 555 includes:
• A reflective face
• A decorative face


Shade 555, intended to equip windows, bay windows, conservatories and glass walls can be used for Oasis®, Parois Japonaises®, Vertigo®, Vertigo Prestige® and Californien® blinds.


Shade 555 provides remarkable protection against the excesses of heat due to solar radiation, sending it to the outside of the glass walls.

• Rate of solar reflection: from 74% to 76%.

Shade 555 has excellent visual comfort properties: i.e. no disruptive or uncomfortable glare and contrasts of luminance limits. Shade 555 also has excellent properties of transparency: that is to say a view preserved toward the outside with the least amount of obstructions possible.

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