Who are we?

The solar protection solutions of the Reflex'sol brand are proposed by the company ADEIMA. Aware of the investment that a conservatory represents, our team wants to allow you to make it enjoyable throughout the year following these few watchwords:

Performance - Decoration - Customisation - Made in France

Since 1987, our team develops solutions that are functional and decorative to clothe the conservatories, windows and bay windows. Much more than mere blinds, Reflex'sol products offer well-being and comfort indoors.

Tested in a research centre, our blinds are fully patented because of the innovations that they represent:

The effectiveness of our blinds comes from their adaptation of the techniques of solar reflection and insulation used in the industry and spacial research. The performance of our products is also certified by judicial officer:

Reflex'sol products are 100% Made in France and custom-made at our manufacturing plant located in Limoux, in the Aude. See pictures of our head office and factory

Reflex'sol products are available throughout France, from the best manufacturers of conservatories and blinds, locally recognised for their professionalism and their know-how. All advise and recommend our Reflex'sol blinds for their quality of solar reflection and their ease of installation :