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Quality solar protection and natural thermal insulation, intended for windows and bay windows.

The exclusive and patented composition of the thermal curtain offers protection in all seasons from the greenhouse effect in summer and from the wastage of heat in winter (the heat is sent back inside thus saving on energy and heating) and weakens noise nuisances.

The flexibility and adaptability of the reflective face allows folding without wrinkling in order to obtain beautiful natural draping.

Quality of insulation: the tight texture associated with a high reflective power gives a very high quality insulation.

Power of reflection: the use of pure protected aluminium ensures a long lifespan of the reflective power. Strength and durability (2 year warranty).

Water permeability.

Dimensional stability, (insensitive to variations in temperature).

Rate of solar reflection: 85 %.
Solar transmission: < 5 %.

Max. width: 6000 mm
Max. height: 6000 mm
Weight: 482 g/m².

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