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Shade 323

The shade 323 provides a high level of protection against excess heat due to solar radiation, by sending it back outside the glass walls. Its random micro-perforation gives it a unique appearance on the market.

Shade 323


Rate of solar reflection: 81 to 84%.
Width: 2350 mm.
Weight: 230 g/m².
Thickness: 0.38 mm
Fire classification: M1.


Shade 323 is a 100% polyester weave. It has a very high resistance to dirt and other external aggressors.
The outer face fully covered with aluminium deposited by vacuum evaporation gives it its reflective characteristics


Shade 323, intended to equip the windows, bay windows, conservatories and glass walls, can be used on all of our blinds, on the roof as well as vertically (Equinoxe®).
Ideal for public places where M1 certification is an essential criterion of choice.


• Best Rate of solar reflection of all our shades M1: up to 84%.
• Rate of opening of 1% allows you to remove any risk of glare or reflection while preserving a view toward the outside.
• Reduced environmental impact thanks to the absence of PVC

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