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Black Out shade

The "Black out" shade is an innovative concept intended to provide solar protection for windows, bay windows, conservatories and glass walls in public access buildings.

Black Out shade


Rate of solar reflection: 82%.
Solar transmission: 0%.
Width: 2400 mm.
Weight: 355 g/m².
Thickness: 0.45 mm.
Classification: M1.


The "Black Out" shade is made of 100% polyester fibre, enhanced by a double laminated coating on each side.

The coating with an anti-fire additive allows you to obtain a finished shade resistant to fire in accordance with the standard M1.
The outer face is designed to the solar radiation as much as possible allows very good reflective values to be obtained.


The BLO shade, intended to equip the windows, bay windows, conservatories and glass walls can be used in Solaria®, Californien® or Grand Rouleau®.= blinds.


Very lightweight for a total black out shade, the BLO shade provides a solution to problems of excess light in the most diverse cases.

Its M1 fire-proof classification authorises its use in public places.

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