Roller blinds

VERTIGO PRESTIGE® roller blind

A sleek, stylish and functional blind for a protection that is as beautiful as it is effective.

The Vertigo Prestige is a high-end solution using high-quality, refined and resistant materials.

It can be used on all types of openings where a direct fixing is possible. It will fit into all décor styles. Its brass supports covered with matt chrome give it a pure and refined character.

The metal chain offers fully flexible manoeuvring, to comfortably manage your solar protection, thanks to a wide range of reflective sheeting. The Vertigo Prestige will discreetly enhance value your décor.

Max. width = 2400 mm
Max. height = 3000 mm

Consult the exact dimensional limits depending on the shades on the purchase order.

The compatible shades

Shade 676 | Shade 323 | 555 shade |

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